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Do you ever wonder how you can contribute? Or are you planning a trip to South-America and want to give more meaning to your journey? Experience it yourself, roll up your sleeves and help us for a while at the project!

Volunteering in a developmental organization is to get to know the country, the people and the local culture in a whole different and intense way and your help will really make a difference. It is an unique experience that will surely enrich you. To travel will be 'to see well' instead of 'to see everything'.

Añañau is an educational project and wants to reduce poverty and the lack of opportunities through education. In Añañau we focus on three areas: education, health and the overall social-cultural development of the children and adolescents. As a volunteer you can help in the activities of the daily after school program of the organisation. Or you can contribute to one of the current educational projects.

It's the little things that make the big difference!


As a volunteer you have the option to stay in a fully equipped apartment together with other volunteers.


In the apartment you will live together with other volunteers or students from Añañau. Every volunteer can have a private room if wished. The living room, kitchen and bathroom are for common use. Furthermore, you can make use of the patio and you'll have an excellent view over the mountains.

This option is ideal for volunteers that love to live and cook independently and want to share their residence with other volunteers. The apartment is fully equipped and furnished. Sheets and bed linen are already facilitated. A residence in the apartment is a popular choice for volunteers that would like to stay in Cusco for a longer period of time.


Spanish language

We strongly reccommend for volunteers to already have a good basic level in the Spanish language before your arrival. This way you'll be able to express yourself sufficiently during your contact with the children and you will be able to speak with the team members of the project without any problems. At Añañau we also offer intensive spanish classes to improve your level. You can decide exactly how long you'd like to follow classes.


The volunteer is at least 18 years of age and is able to present us a certificate of good conduct. You can request this certificate at your municipal or city service.

As an organization, we ask you to actively deploy you for at least four full weeks in the project. Do you want to make excursions or experience free moments for a certain period of time during your stay at the project, this is certainly posible and can be agreed upon in advance or during the weekly team meeting.

Of course we expect a lot of energy and enthusiasm from you as a volunteer. In addition, we rely on you to take initiative to improve the educational programs of the project and the living conditions of the children.

Añañau uses (volunteer) guidelines for voluntary work. Also, all volunteers are required to sign our code of conduct for working with children.

Prices and more info on request .

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Joy Meesens

Volunteer Coordinator

Please, feel free to ask for any information. Fill in the contact form and I will come back to you within a day!


A beautiful country where you are warmly received at Añañau with a lot of smiles. You will leave the project with a lot of extra life experience, happiness and gratitude of the kids and the team. This experience was more beautiful than I could ever imagine!

Sandra Marrone
Sandra Marrone Volunteer

Here you will find the warmest hugs, the most beautiful laughs and make the best memories.

Bep Van Doorsselaere
Bep Van Doorsselaere Volunteer