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The children of Añañau need to grow and develop like all of the other children of their age. You can help them with this!

What does it mean to become an Añañau godparent of a child?

Become a godmother or godfather of one of our children. This means that you help one of our children with their education, nutrition and development. You will help them with their future. You will give him or her the possibility to realize their dreams and to become an independent person along the way.
With your monthly donation we will help a child and his family and in this way we can help to build them a better future.

The godparentship starts with receiving a starting folder which includes:
• information about your godchild and his/her family
• information about the organization
• 2 photos of your godchild
• a letter or drawing of your godchild (depending on the age)

You can determine the amount of your monthly contribution yourself (€20-€35-€50/month).

How does your monthly contribution will happen? To make this possible, we are working together with the nonprofit association Qué bonito! in Belgium. In this way we can guarantee that your money will always end up integrally at our organization, in a transparent and verifiable way. To ensure a smooth transaction, we reccommend to create an automatic monthly transfer at your bank, using the following account number:

IBAN BE92 9731 2324 7123 / BIC ARSPBE22
Vzw Qué bonito!, Landwaartslaan 20/01, 3600 Genk
with statement: 'donation for NGO Añañau'

Would you like a tax certificate for your donations?
This is also possible! (only in Belgium)

Let your monthly transfer happen on the account number of the association Teachers without Borders (a minimum of 40 euro per year), with the statement 'donation for LzG: project Añañau'.

IBAN BE48 5230 8027 2427 / BIC TRIOBEBB
Leraars zonder Grenzen vzw, Jan de Graefstraat 7, 2600 Berchem
with statement: 'donation for LzG: project Añañau'

Please don't forget to mention this statement to make sure your donation ends up at our organization!

You will build a personal connection

Beside financial support you will build a personal connection with your godchild. This is what makes the Añañau sponsorship so unique. Your godchild gets to know you by exchanging letters with you and is genuinely thankful for your support. Your personal encouragement helps them through tough times.

You will receive news about your godchild and the organization by email twice a year, as well a nice personal letter or card from your godchild. On our website and our Facebook page you can also follow us.
We will keep you regularly informed about the progress of the organization and your godchild!

The children love to receive some news or a letter from their godparents every once in a while. They really want to get to know you a little better and they would like to connect with you. Therefore you can always send or write them something per mail or email. If necessary, we will take care of the Spanish translation. Keep in mind, however, that the life situations or environment of your godchild may differ completely from yours.

If you would like to send clothes or a present to your godchild, we will make sure it goes directly to your child.

You can send an email at info@ananau.org.

If you'd rather send something by mail, this is our post address:

Asociación ONG Añañau
to ... (name godchild)
Sadith Paez Montesinos
Urb. Santa Teresa B-14
Wanchaq - Cusco

foto peetouderschap 2