Political crisis and unrest in Peru

Since this past December 7, 2022, after a failed and illegal coup by former President Pedro Castillo, the Peruvian nation has been involved in a moment of crisis and anxiety that seems to never end. On December 7, former President Pedro Castillo Terrones, in a desperate action as a result of the corruption cases for […]

Great news from the North!

Fundraiser Chiro Oud-Heverlee On Sunday, November 19, the youth movement Chiro Oud-Heverlee, on the initiative of Taiki Dewel, went out with all members to sell beautiful calendars and tasty chocolates for the benefit of Añañau’s projects in Peru. They all did this with great conviction and have such a warm heart for the project. With […]

A beautiful Christmas celebration

Despite the unrest and many strikes in Peru during the last weeks in December, we have been able to close well the year on both projects with a wonderful Christmas celebration for the children. The children don’t have the possibility to celebrate Christmas at home with gifts, a special meal or even a Christmas tree. […]

Traineeships and cooperation with local students

Añañau does not only receive abroad students during an internship at the projects in Cusco, but also works together with several faculties/courses from the National University of Cusco. Students come to do voluntary work as part of their course to serve a local good cause such as Añañau’s association, and we also work closely together […]

Taking better care of the environment

After several months of coordination and many meetings, we started our great project at the Huancaro school “Caring for our environment for a better world”. Under the coordination of the Añañau team, Andre Lopes, intern from Brazil who took a master’s degree in Sustainability and the environment, the collaboration of the Communication for Development interns […]

25 Days of ♡ for Añañau

A lot of children and youth in Peru still don’t have access to proper education and training. Too often children and youth from deprived families and ethnic minorities are lost out of sight. This is what Añañau wants to change, in order that they also receive the same opportunities as others. As you know, our […]

Great news from the North!

Fundraising event Music@theCasino 2022 Music@theCasino 2022 was simply a great edition! Everyone was delighted that the musical event of non-profit association Qué bonito for the benefit of the Añañau project in Peru could finally take place again this year. Vzw Qué bonito once again rolled up their sleeves with great enthusiasm and with the help […]

Restart literacy program mothers

We are very happy that we have also been able to resume the participatory activities with the mothers of the children this year. Regular parent meetings were once again possible and the mothers now also come to the project again twice a week to take lessons themselves in the early evening. As you already know […]

Anniversary of the school in Huancaro

On the 19th of August, we celebrated the birthday of the primary school Luis Vallejo Santoni in Huancaro, where the second project of Añañau is located. Since 2018, Añañau has been collaborating with this local primary school in the deprived area of Huancaro in the city of Cusco. We were very happy that this event […]