Youth activity (gender) equality

A lot of the children we work with over the years have now become adolescents. As a project we need to adapt to their new reality. Puberty is a stage full of changes, fears, their bodies are changing. In this route, strengthening the connection between education and health, we prepared a sexual education workshop promoting […]

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25 Days of Generosity for Añañau

We are going through difficult times worldwide due to the pandemic and certainly for people who previously lived in a disadvantaged position. Despite the circumstances in 2020, Añañau was able to continue to support the more than 90 children and their families, with food campaigns, hygiene materials such as mouth masks and antibacterial soap, educational […]


Great news from the North!

During the past months, many great initiatives have been taken to support and contribute to the project work of Añañau. First of all, thank you to everyone who made a nice donation to the project of Añañau during the past months. Nevertheless, the annual fundraising event of vzw Qué bonito! could not take place due […]


Turbulent times in Peru

(Cover photo: Edgard Bazán) The past months have been turbulent in Peru. Not only have we been through an extremely long quarantine and we are experiencing very serious social and economic consequences from the pandemic, during the month of November the whole country revolted against the irresponsible decisions of the government and the great political […]


International Children’s Day

On the 20th of November, it was #WorldChildrensDay, the international Day of the Child. Also this year it remains an important day to raise awareness, marking the 31st anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, an event that transformed the lives of children around the world. Because children are particularly vulnerable, because […]


Reading books for the children at home

Añañau takes great pride in helping underprivileged children here in Cusco, Peru. This pandemic has greatly affected these already poverty stricken communities, but Añañau is dedicated to doing all they can to bring positivity and happiness. At the moment the children are staying home for such a long time already because of the pandemic (already […]


Up-date Covid-19 in Peru

A very long lockdown The past months have been hard and frustrating in Peru. The quarantine has now been officially lifted since the beginnings of October, but the country is in a big dip and the figures of infections are still not improving significantly. There is also still no question of reopening the schools. For […]


Students’ Day in Peru

On Wednesday 23th of September we celebrated Día del Estudiante in Peru! We wanted to say very well done to all our students and students all over the world! To all these bright and motivated kids, adolescents and adults that are doing all their best every day to study, to learn, develop new skills and […]