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What is our goal in the long run?

Peru is a country of big differences. The entire economy is growing, but at the same time the poverty and the inequality increase. In Peru the large half of the population lives in poverty. One in five persons in extreme poverty. A lot of infants, children and youths in Peru also still don't have access to proper education. Too often children and youths from deprived families and ethnic minorities are lost out of sight. This is what Añañau wants to change, in order that they also receive the same opportunities as others!

Because we believe in the power of good education as a diving board to a better future, Añañau is primarily an educational project.

Through guidance during the homework and learning while playing, we stimulate the development of the children and we try to create new opportunities. We motivate children to develop their talents and offer help where they face difficulties. Through helping the children believe in their own possibilities and abilities we want to guide them to a better future and an independent life.

Therefore Añañau offers assistance on 3 areas:

"Education, Health and the overall Social-cultural Development."

Working together with the parents and the community is very important to us. Through workshops, a literacy program for mothers and other educational activities we attempt to extend their involvement and participation and we work around empowerment.

Besides the projects with the children and families connected to Añañau, we also work together with other organisations in San Jeronimo and Cusco. Through material aid and by sending out volunteers, we attempt to help out hospitals, local schools and other social projects that involve children.

Añañau means 'Qué bonito!' in Spanish. With this name a foundation in Belgium was founded.

In Belgium Asociación ONG Añañau is represented by the non-profit association Qué bonito! and supported by the Noord-Zuidraad of the city of Genk, the province of Limburg, by Leraars zonder Grenzen (Teachers without Borders) and the 4th pillar of the Flemish development cooperation.