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About Añañau

Añañau is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization that works to empower disadvantaged children and families through sustainable education and development projects in Peru.

Añañau (pronounced as a·nja·njau) is an expression in Quechua, the old language that is still spoken in the Andes, that mothers use to say ‘how beautiful’ and ‘how sweet’ their child is, a tenderness from the mother’s heart.

Too often children and youths from deprived families and ethnic minorities are lost out of sight. This is what Añañau wants to change, in order that they also receive the same opportunities as others and have access to quality and inclusive education. Be a part and help us to support our mission!


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Añañau aims to offer each child a meaningful future. This implies that every child is entitled to good intellectual, quality and inclusive education.

Afterschool homeworkguidance


In addition to an annual medical campaign, we also work in Añañau around good health through a variety of educational workshops and psycho-education.

Health education


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Monday October 19 till Friday October 23, 2020

Go Strange Level Up - the event for young people with plans to travel abroad

Are you interested in traveling to Peru? Do you want to volunteer or do an internship at the project? Then take part in the Go Strange Level Up event!

With Añañau we will also be available to answer all your questions and provide you with a lot of practical information!

See you there!

More info via https://www.gostrange.be and also follow the messages on our facebook page!

Thank you to our Partners & Sponsors

We are proud to be supported and partnered with the following organizations working to advance the opportunities for children and adolescents in Cusco, Peru and worldwide.

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