Sustainable volunteering in Peru

Sustainable Volunteering

Roll up your sleeves and help us for a while at the project!

What is sustainable volunteering

Volunteering in a developmental organization is a unique and enriching experience that allows you to get to know the country, the people, and the local culture in an intense way. Añañau is an educational project that focuses on reducing poverty and the lack of opportunities through education, health, and social-cultural development. As a volunteer, you can contribute to the daily after-school program or one of the current educational projects. Sustainable and responsible volunteering is promoted within the organization, ensuring a positive long-term impact on the children, parents, and the local community. Añañau’s work with children and parents aligns with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adapted to the local reality.

“It’s the little things that make the big difference!”


As a volunteer you have the option to stay in a fully equipped apartment together with other volunteers.


In the apartment you will live together with other volunteers or students from Añañau. Every volunteer can have a private room if wished. The living room, kitchen and bathroom are for common use. Furthermore, you can make use of the patio and you’ll have an excellent view over the mountains.

This option is ideal for volunteers that love to live and cook independently and want to share their residence with other volunteers. The apartment is fully equipped and furnished. Sheets and bed linen are already facilitated. A residence in the apartment is a popular choice for volunteers that would like to stay in Cusco for a longer period of time.

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Spanish language

We strongly recommend for volunteers to already have a good basic level in the Spanish language before your arrival. This way you’ll be able to express yourself sufficiently during your contact with the children and you will be able to speak with the team members of the project without any problems. At Añañau we also offer intensive Spanish classes to improve your level. You can decide exactly how long you’d like to follow classes.


The volunteer is at least 18 years of age and is able to present us a certificate of good conduct. You can request this certificate at your municipal or city service.

As an organization, we ask you to actively deploy you for at least four full weeks in the project. Do you want to make excursions or experience free moments for a certain period of time during your stay at the project, this is certainly possible and can be agreed upon in advance or during the weekly team meeting.

Of course we expect a lot of energy and enthusiasm from you as a volunteer. In addition, we rely on you to take initiative to improve the educational programs of the project and the living conditions of the children.

Añañau uses (volunteer) guidelines for voluntary work. Also, all volunteers are required to sign our code of conduct for working with children.

What others experienced

Warm welcome in a beautiful country

A beautiful country where you are warmly received at Añañau with a lot of smiles. You will leave the project with a lot of extra life experience, happiness and gratitude of the kids and the team. This experience was more beautiful than I could ever imagine!

Photo of Sandra
Sandra Marrone

Magical experience

What an amazing experience I had at this magical place it literally changed the course of my life. They look after these kids not just by helping them with their education, but also with their nutrition and more love and games than you could poke a stick at. I have no doubt in me that this place has changed the lives of all the children that attend. It inspired me so much I’m now studying to be a teacher.

Photo of Ryan
Ryan Stewart

A dream that came true

I always have wanted to do volunteer work in Peru. When the school offered a place to practice my study in this country I was immediately sold. When I arrived at Añañau, I was loaded with hugs from all the children. The weeks that followed, my connection with the kids and team grew. There was a lot of laughter, sometimes a hug, and some good advice when I needed it. When I needed help or a good talk, there was always someone who I could count on. They make a good support system and a close family. The love and closure that I got made my heart warm. It makes me even more happy that I could help some of the children in their development.
Peru and Añañau are an unforgettable experience. With beautiful memories, new friends and a suitcase filled with souvenirs I’m going home.

Photo of Liesbet
Liesbet Herijgers

Warm hugs and best memories

Here you will find the warmest hugs, the most beautiful laughs and make the best memories.

Photo of Bep
Bep Van Doorsselaere

A beautiful time

When I started at Ananau a couple of months ago, I could never have dreamt that those same months would have been so beautiful. From day one the kids welcome you with open arms; there’s so much love, so much respect, towards the tía’s and also towards the other kids. Every single day at the project is a pleasure. But the most beautiful thing about Ananau is, that it’s even so much more than just that. Ananau is without a doubt a place where the kids can let go of their worries for a moment and can enjoy a warm hug and a laugh. But it’s also a place where kids get the chances they deserve. Every single one of them is kind and intelligent, who certainly all will be successful, all in their own way. And knowing that at Ananau you can assist them at doing that, is the most wonderful feeling.

Photo van Maud
Maud Lason

Growing as a person

In 2018 I volunteered for the project, had the honor of working with the children and being able to share a little of my knowledge with them. This beautiful project teaches not only content but also educates children and teaches them how to grow as a person.

Photo of Mauricio
Mauricio Atilio de Oliveira
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