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NGO Añañau was founded in December 2014 by Sadith Paez Montesinos and Ellen Bosch in a Peruvian-Belgian cooperation. They met in 2010 during their previous work in a non-profit organization, where they were responsible for the coordination and organization of the project and its functioning. They also vouched for the pedagogic guidance of the children in their development and learning process. After 4 years of working together, they decided to start a new educational project together. Asociación ONG Añañau was born!

"Our mission is to create an inspiring and safe learning environment in which Peruvian children and adolescents can discover, learn, develop, share and connect their talents and dreams."



Founder / General director


Founder / International director
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International coordinator
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Spanish and English teacher
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ICT teacher
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Yesica PAEZ

Teacher literacy program for adults

Sadith Paez Montesinos, from Cusco, Peru, studied Midwifery and the Development of the young child at the Andina University in Cusco. She continued specializing her profession with additional studies on Prenatal and Postnatal Stimulation. After completing these studies she started working as a midwife in the Regional Hospital of Cusco. This hospital is run by the state and this is where the poorest population of this region is admitted for medical care. After several years working there, Sadith started to work at the health center of the Ttío district in Cusco for about two years. Because of a permanent deficiency in means and staff, the working situation there got too complicated and she decided to start another challenge. In 2008 Sadith started working for the organization Máximo Nivel, where she was responsible for the international coordination. She worked together with different social organizations, institutions and shelters in Cusco and she got to know an ample social network in the world of developmental aid. In 2010 she started to work full time in a non-profit organization in Cusco and got to know Ellen, working there as well as her colleague.
At Añañau Sadith is responsible for the educational aspect of the organization. Together with Ellen she coordinates the educational programs and projects given. Meanwhile
she is responsible for the follow-up of the childrens’ fysical and emotional development, as well as the organization of the health campaigns. During the afternoon Sadith is mentoring the oldest children (7-17 years of age).

The Belgian Ellen Bosch studied at the PXL University College at the faculty of Education (Expressive Education, Art and Languages). During her last year she specialized in the development of educational programs or workshops for children and youths and elaborated her final work on this. She created educational programs for the center of contemporary art Z33 in Hasselt and other different museums in Belgium, involving children and youths in actual and contemporary tendencies and theme's in art and human society. In 2010, after being a teacher for 7 years and due to a growing interest by getting involved in social work and development aid, she travelled around Peru and got to work for an nonprofit organization for development aid in Cusco, first as a volunteer and later on as the responsible for the coordination of the educational programs and the project. In 2015 Ellen followed additional studies on development cooperation and the nonprofit sector.
At Añañau, Ellen stands for the general coordination of the organization and the educational programs. Meanwhile she is also responsible for the international contacts and fundraising as well. She also accompanies and follows up the trainees during their internship in the project.

In addition the Peruvian Myrian García Castillos was recruited and is responsible for the group of infants. Myrian is a great help to our smallest children (4 to 6-7 years of age). She has been working as a kindergarten teacher in Cusco for ten years already. Besides that, she is working with Añañau as well.

In September 2018, the Belgian Joy Meesens also joined the team. Joy is a primary school teacher and with her knowledge and experience in education she supports the project substantively. Joy also helps in the coordination of the daily activities and provides guidance and support for volunteers during their period in the project.

Finally, they are assisted on a daily base by volunteers and students from Peru or from abroad. They offer support in the project for a period of time by helping in the after school program and the other educational projects, or by the elaboration of an internship project, dissertation or thesis.