Literacy program for adults

Most of the concerned parents from the local community, especially the mothers, speak Quechua and are illiterate. They never had the chance to go to school or have only been to primary school for a few years. So, they cannot read and write and therefore cannot support their children at a school level. A survey we conducted during the last parent meeting in December 2017 showed that there is a lot of interest and the need among these parents to train. They were therefore very enthusiastic to get the chance to learn how to read and write. That is why we will start with a literacy and training program for adults starting in May.

This training program will be offered to the mothers and fathers involved in project work, as well to other interested people from the local community of San Jeronimo. In the project, an appropriate classroom is available that will be opened in the afternoons or evenings since the activities with the children take place in the afternoon until the evening. In this way, the project space is also targeted and extremely useful at these times. The parents will attend classes twice a week during the evening. Añañau will hire a specific teacher who speaks both Spanish and Quechua to guide the parents in this learning process. This program fits within the objectives of various SDGs regarding the right to education and opportunities for lifelong learning, access to information, strengthening the position of women, equal opportunities and rights. Parents who are willing to (re) train themselves will also be better involved with the learning process and the development of their children, they ‘ll support them and be aware of the importance of education and the importance of a good profession. Meanwhile, we have started with the first lessons and the mothers have participated with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment.

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