Student’s Day

September 23th is a very important day in the school year in Peru. That is because ‘Student’s Day’ is celebrated on this day and coincides with the moment when spring also starts here. In Peru, all schools (colegios), colleges, institutes, universities, etc. celebrate this student and youth day with music concerts on some city squares, excursions, fun activities and much more. This special day was of course also extensively celebrated in Añañau. Both in San Jeronimo and at the project in Huancaro the students were celebrated and rewarded for all their school efforts and commitment with a fun party. With music, dancing, games, lots of fun and a few performances, we spent a moment of happiness, joy and especially pride with all the children.

Of course we could not forget the mothers who participate in the literacy program for adults and who come to class twice a week. They too, spent in a very nice way Student’s Day with their class and teacher with a delicious cake and, above all, a lot of emotion!


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