25 Days of ♡ for Añañau

A lot of children and youth in Peru still don’t have access to proper education and training. Too often children and youth from deprived families and ethnic minorities are lost out of sight. This is what Añañau wants to change, in order that they also receive the same opportunities as others.

As you know, our mission is to work for better and inclusive education in Peru and to give underprivileged children the opportunity to develop as a full person in society and to face a better future. That is why we are taking action during this warm period in the run-up to Christmas.

But we need your help for this.

With our campaign ’25 Days of ♡ for Añañau’ we aim to raise 5,000 euros. With this we can provide scholarships for underprivileged adolescents who are about to complete secondary education and have the ambition to continue studying. With the solid guidance of Añañau, we will give these young people a good start in higher education and support them during their further studies.

Are you still looking for a heartwarming Christmas present? Support our beautiful campaign or give a sponsorship as a gift. Enjoy the beauty of giving with your loved ones.

By making a donation, if possible, and spreading the word, you will help make our campaign successful and ensure that we can move into 2023 with everything we need to continue our work and give these adolescents the opportunity to study in higher education.

With a gift from 25 euros/dollar you will receive a beautiful calendar from Añañau.
With a gift from 50 euros/dollar you will receive a calendar and delicious chocolates with cacao from Peru.

Are you interested in donating or starting a sponsorship and becoming a godparent of the project? Please contact us at info@ananau.org.

You can also make an impact by sharing! #mygivingstory



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