The environmental brigade at the school in Huancaro

As an organization we believe in sustainable work and continuing with our project “Taking care of our environment for a better world” carried out in 2022. We started in May with workshops and awareness activities of the environmental brigade at the Huancaro school.

A training session and a coffee break to strengthen our environmental brigade and that’s how we started.

The brigade group met with the objective of being trained and oriented on the topics and activities to be carried out in the coming months. In this training three important topics were discussed on: the function and importance of the brigade, the work plan of the activities and the SDGs.

The students were able to learn and reflect more about the SDGs and the importance of their brigade. During the training, the children participated actively giving their ideas and talking about the problems related to the environment, remembering all the knowledge learned last year. Undoubtedly, it was a good experience and during a coffee break we were able to get to know our brigade a little more.

We believe that the voice of the members of the brigade is a valuable tool to achieve many changes, in this way the brigade raised awareness for the proper use of garbage cans. On this day the students participated, ate and played.

This month of June is of great importance for the care of our planet and we have been remembering some main dates.

World Bicycle Day – World environment day – World Ocean Day – World Refill Day
Any type of action that reduces a negative impact on our environment is a great action.

Our environmental brigade continues to promote actions to take care of our environment, teaching and reminding their classmates how to make proper use of garbage cans and awareness about the damage caused when we pollute our planet.

Children in charge of caring for the environment.

MyEquator is an educational platform that promotes global citizenship and children’s voices in their communities around the world. Mikaela Pimentel from Equator visited us at the school in Huancaro and interviewed the children during Añañau’s project around taking better care of the environment to hear what the children have to say about i!

Very well done to all the children for their commitment and thank you Equator for putting this in the spotlight!

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