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Fundraising event Music@theCasino 2023

Music@theCasino 2023 was another fantastic edition! Vzw Qué bonito again rolled up its sleeves with great enthusiasm and with the help of many wonderful volunteers, it was ensured that all guests could fully enjoy this wonderful evening in support of the educational projects of Añañau in Peru. Known for the very nice atmosphere and with an attendance of around 200 guests, everyone was again very satisfied and enjoyed the evening.

We would like to thank all sympathizers and sponsors who were present to support Añañau’s education projects in Peru. Also a big thank you to the Palmers family from Genk for the check that was presented during the event for Añañau. Congratulations and thanks to John Joris & André Swijgers and Sandrine & band for the wonderful musical performances and to Conchi’s Catering for the delicious Peruvian cuisine!

Special thanks also to Bart Hiemeleers who, in addition to making the beautiful decorations available, also ensured that all guests could take home a beautiful plant.

Thank you to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the evening run smoothly. It’s fantastic to be able to count on you every time!

The non-profit organization Qué bonito is committed to holding this special event again next year. Please keep Saturday, November 16, 2024 free in your calendar!

Photos: Freddy Knippenberg

Quiz evening for Añañau

On October 21, Els Noppe, who volunteered in the project in Peru last year, organized a fantastic quiz evening together with some friends and family members to benefit Añañau. With great enthusiasm and immense commitment, she wanted to do this for the children of the project, whom she still holds with great love in her heart. It was a wonderful evening with a very large turnout and many enthusiastic quiz teams. With this fantastic event, a very nice amount was collected that was donated to Añañau. Thank you very much to Els, to all volunteers and participants for this great initiative!

Donation from Zuiderlicht

In December, in the run-up to Christmas, we also received another wonderful donation from the non-profit organization Zuiderlicht from Genk. By selling all kinds of beautiful second-hand items in their store, which is run entirely by volunteers, 3,000 euros were donated to Añañau in collaboration with Oxfam-Wereldwinkel Genk. Behind this wonderful operation there is a whole team of passionate volunteers who are immensely committed to the Genk development projects they support. With the support they always make available for Añañau, they help us to shape our daily educational activities and to bear part of the supporting costs for the after-school homework assistance program. Thank you very much to all volunteers and employees of the non-profit organization Zuiderlicht and the Oxfam-Werelwinkel for all your efforts and drive and for making this fantastic support for the Genk projects possible!

Support Maxim water filters

At the beginning of 2022, we welcomed Maxim Bogaert, a nutrition and dietetics intern from Vives University of Applied Sciences in Bruges, who shared healthy habits with the team and the children during his experience at Añañau. Healthy drinking water is important for our body and Tio Maxim knows that. That is why he has decided to take the initiative to donate water filters annually to continue to promote the consumption of clean water. Thank you very much tio Maxim for your support!

We invite all people who want to collaborate with our various educational projects in the field of healthy habits, such as skin care (sunscreen), clean drinking water (water filters), hand washing (soap) and the consumption of healthy food.

For more information, please contact us at or WhatsApp +51 981223405.

Volunteers and students come and go

In the month of August, Sebastian Antezana Sulca, a physics student at the National University of Cusco UNSAAC, started volunteering in Añañau, helping the children with their homework, especially with math and other tasks. Sebastian believes that education is a crucial tool to achieve equality of opportunity and success in life. Well done Tio Sebas, thanks for your help.

During the month of September we were also pleased to welcome tias Fiorela Alexandra Cavero Conde and Lucero Gutierrez Rodriguez. They are both communication science students at the National University of Cusco UNSAAC and have been doing an internship in Añañau to develop empowerment projects through communication strategies on the SDGs and other topics with the children of Huancaro and San Jeronimo.

Are you also interested in volunteer work or an internship abroad in Peru? Please contact us for more information at

Christmas campaign for students and volunteers

We would like to thank the tías (interns and volunteers) Griet De Neef, Yente Verguts, Esther Heylen, Rosalie De Ferm and An Verellen and their friends and family for their wonderful fundraising campaign and great support to make the Christmas party and the presents for the children possible! Lots of love and hugs from all of us from Cusco!

End-of-year campaign and warm support for Añañau

Our end-of-year campaign ’10 Days of ♡ for Añañau’ also ended on December 25. Many people supported with a wonderful gift and another great initiative was also taken for Añañau during this warm Christmas period. Leen Ruysschaert and Ruben Desmidt from Bruges once again manned a super cozy winter bar at the Midwinter Festival in Bruges this year. By selling delicious drinks and calendars, they raised the wonderful amount of 610 euros, which they donated to Añañau. Thank you very much Leen and Ruben from all of us for your beautiful and fun initiative and your continued involvement and support! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everybody for your donation and support for Añañau’s project work. We are already enthusiastically looking forward to the new year and the challenges that await our young people. With your support, we can build a better future together and give children better opportunities in education!

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