Messages from the North

Music@theCasino benefit event of vzw Qué bonito! On Saturday, November 17, the beautiful charity party of the non-profit organization Qué bonito took place in the Casino Modern in Genk to support the project operation of Añañau in Peru. This wonderful musical event was made possible by the enthusiastic cooperation of many friends and family and […]


Christmas in Añañau

It is the nicest time of the year, also in Añañau we celebrate! Since this is not possible for most children at home, all children who come to the project and their family are invited to a cozy Christmas party. It is the nicest time of the year, also in Añañau we celebrate! Since this […]

Calculate and write with the moms

News about the mothers can’t be missed in the last newsletter of 2018. Also, the mommies have been busy during the past six months. Every Monday and Tuesday evening they followed lessons with Miss Yesica. During these evenings they mainly learned to write and count. Yesica divided the group into two. Some mums started with […]


Project Liesbet and Charlotte

Charlotte and Liesbet did their internship in Añañau in the past two months. They both study occupational therapy at AP Hogeschool Antwerpen. Both worked out specific therapy for two children with a learning or developmental delay. In addition, they focused on an extra project. Charlotte made activities for the talk. The idea of the talk […]



In the past two months we have of course had a lot of ‘fun’ again. Volunteers and students again organized very fun activities. Playground All children and tía’s had a fun afternoon in the park. Here you will find all kinds of toys such as a large slide, a climbing frame, swings, a seesaw and […]


Parent meeting

In November we held the monthly parent meeting again. At meetings, all sorts of important things are discussed with all parents in connection with the activities of the project operation and the development of the children. Then the parents can individually talk about their child. At every parent meeting the new volunteers, students or team […]