Writing and maths classes with the mothers

News about the mothers can’t be missed in the last newsletter of 2018. The mothers of the children as well have been busy during the past six months. As you could read before Añañau is organizing a literacy program for adults as well, mainly focused on the mothers. Every Monday and Tuesday evening they followed lessons with the teacher Yesica. During these evenings they mainly learned to write and count. Yesica divided the group into two. Some mums started with the basics, and other mothers already had a small lead.

A lot of progress has been made. In the meantime, Group 1 can solve add and subtractions up to 100 and work with fractions. The second group is busy with issues and multiplications.

Arithmetic is a very important skill for them. Most moms sell things on the market to make money. For them, it is important that they can make these sums so that they are not treated incorrectly by their customers.

It also goes very well in terms of language. The mothers have learned almost the entire alphabet. They learn to read and write the letters and with each letter a memorandum.

Next school year we will resume the lessons again. We are already very proud of what they have achieved so far and are already looking forward to the next cycle!

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