Nutrition diaries

From January, Lotte Vandenbroucke and Eva Debie, two interns in nutrition and dietetics from Vives from Bruges, were present in the project. Together they have set up a study into the dietary pattern of the children. They started with the children of primary education. Every day a food diary was filled in together with them to get a picture of the type of food and the quantities that the children get at home and at school one day. In this way, the students were able to make an evaluation of the children’s nutrition and identify where there might be shortages. In most children it appeared that there was a general shortage in the daily energy value, this means that they cannot always enjoy sufficient food at home depending on their physique and age. It also turned out that this diet is often very one-sided. On the basis of the obtained results of all children, the students have developed a new nutrition plan for the meals on the project in order to supplement the shortages with balanced and varied meals. They also started working with the children on healthy food by giving various instructive but playful cooking lessons and lessons around the food triangle.

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