It was time to celebrate Halloween again, one of the most exciting days of the year! This holiday is also celebrated extensively in Peru with all children. With the help of the volunteers and students present, a real horror party was organized. Healthy, creepy snacks were provided and different corners were dressed. There was a […]

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We also have had a lot of ‘fun’ in the last two months. Volunteers and students organized fun activities such as: Flying a kite: In September there is usually a lot of wind. It is therefore very typical for many Peruvians to have a nice afternoon flying kites in the mountains. Together with all the […]

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Medical campaign 2018

  In Añañau we closely follow the children in their development, growth and health. This is our second pillar around health education. Therefore the annual medical campaign took place in October. All the children and their parents were invited by Dr. Grover in his clinic for a medical check-up. The check consisted of 3 parts. […]