We also have had a lot of ‘fun’ in the last two months. Volunteers and students organized fun activities such as:

Flying a kite:

In September there is usually a lot of wind. It is therefore very typical for many Peruvians to have a nice afternoon flying kites in the mountains. Together with all the children we went to a slope in the mountains of San Jeronimo. All children made a kite from a few sticks and plastic bags. They were very happy to finally let their kites in the air. A cool way of recycling right?



Making of calendars:

Birthdays are one of the best days in the year. With about 40 children in the project, there are quite a few days to celebrate and to remember! That’s why we made super fun and original birthday calendars. The youngest children designed a colorful birthday caterpillar, even Pépé the class doll. The oldest children made a tear-off calendar in which they designed themselves from all kinds of magazine clippings. That turned out in the funniest and surprising results.



Music & dance:

Who does not like some cheerful music and dancing? Our volunteers organized a pretty fun afternoon with this approach. Various games were played on music. Obstacles were made for climbing and crawling, they organized a short mini disco and of course, the classics such as the chair game and limbo could not be missed.

Video: dancing 


To teach all children more independence, a cooking afternoon was held. We learned about healthy food. The theme for the youngest children was fruits, with the oldest this was vegetables. Both groups played a game to collect ingredients for their dish. The youngest children were given the responsibility to make a nice dessert. The oldest children made the main course. Finally, a delicious ratatouille and fruit sticks were served.


As you can see, beautiful pictures were taken. Would you like to see more and follow all activities live? Be sure to follow our facebook en Instagram page for weekly updates.

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