Medical campaign 2018


In Añañau we closely follow the children in their development, growth and health. This is our second pillar around health education. Therefore the annual medical campaign took place in October. All the children and their parents were invited by Dr. Grover in his clinic for a medical check-up. The check consisted of 3 parts. Dr. Grover himself did the general medical examination. Together with a colleague, he measured the size of the children, took their blood, weight and had a conversation with the child and his parents. Dentist Flor looked at each child’s teeth, another colleague took blood and carried out a parasitological exam.

In case the children need further medical follow-up, this will be provided by Añañau. We will also start soon with the dental  treatments and of the treatments of the warts, since many children suffer from this.

Be sure to check out the video above for some pictures of the medical campaign 2018!


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