Vacation program

After all the hard work and the dedication of the children, the school year was completed at Christmas. In Peru the summer holidays are from the end of December till the end of February and just like in many countries the children do not go to school for two months. Añañau therefore offers a varied and fun holiday program for the children from January onwards and just like during the school year the children come to the project every day to participate in the activities. The program has different goals. For example, we work in the areas of reading, writing, maths, social skills, English …

During the holidays we get the chance to prepare the children for the next school year in a fun way. It is important that they continue to practice. In this way the children are better prepared for the new school year and furthermore many other skills are being practiced. Children who experience difficulties in a certain area receive extra guidance during this period to make adjustments. In addition, there are of course also a lot of fun and relaxing activities.


Chess and English classes

Just like last year, chess and English lessons are organized for the oldest children during the holidays. The English lessons are given this year by Miss Kely. The children are taught in small groups according to their level and learn to express themselves in English in a playful way.

In addition, they learn to play chess from a real chess master! Optimal concentration is required for this. Chess is also very good for learning skills such as problem solving and strategic thinking. After all lessons, a chess tournament was organized and there was a very proud winner!



Interactief leren met Hanne en Febe

Volunteers Hanne and Febe have been working with the little ones in the project. As children between the ages of 4-6 years still play a lot and continue to develop as they discover, they decided to develop a series of activities specifically for this age group based on interactive and playful learning.

After the group activities in the classroom, they were taking the children outside or to another class room to start a fun educational activity with them. For example, music was used, dancing, lots of movement to practice motor skills and different other basic skills were stimulated. They also practiced on the colors, shapes and numbers or basic concepts such as large and small, above and below,…

The children really enjoyed being active and learning and discovering all sorts of new things through play! In this way the children were also very well prepared for the new school year and having a lots of extra skills.


Field trip to the Moon temple

In Peru the school year starts again in March. That is why we ended the summer holiday with all the children and their families on a wonderful trip to Templo de la Luna, the temple of the Moon, high in the mountains. On the field we held a beautiful and very tasty picnic, the mothers prepared the ‘tallarines’ and potatoes in the oven that morning, and we played carnivals with water games as is the tradition in Peru. And of course there was also a lot of football! Both the children and the mums formed a team and played very well to win the game. It was the most beautiful and sunniest day and the children are now completely ready to go back to school!

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