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Goodbye tía Joy

In the spring we said goodbye to Joy Meesens who worked with us in the coordination of the project for 6 months. Joy is a primary school teacher and, in addition to performing tasks in the project coordination, she also helped with the development of educational materials and methods for the activities with the children. We want to thank Joy for all the work she has done for the project and wish her good luck with all new challenges in Belgium! Many greetings tía Joy from Cusco from all children!


Pilgrimage Middle School of Zonhoven for Añañau

Last year the new school year in the Middle School of Zonhoven started with a new mission, a new slogan: Are you walking with us? The students learned that pilgrimages are of all times, that people have been making journeys for centuries with a special purpose.
On Tuesday 30 April it was finally the big day. The students left on their own pilgrimage. They wanted to make visible with this journey the solidarity with each other and with other people in the world who are less fortunate than we are. The company walked to Koersel Kapelleke. And several brave students also walked back. Once there, each student put their stone at the source as a symbol for the support that they contributed to the Añañau project against poverty in Peru. By getting sponsored for this trip they have collected a fantastic amount of 5500 euros. This was festively handed over with a check to Ellen Bosch, one of the founders of Añañau, who visited the school on the last day of the school year to thank everyone. From Añañau we wish all students and teachers congratulations for their great dedication and we want to thank everyone for this great action and support for the project!

(Text written by Kerlijne Foets for the newspaper Het Belang van Limburg)



Support school SAIO of Geel

On June 24, Ellen also visited another school, the special primary school SAIO from Geel, and received a beautiful check here too. As you could read in the previous newsletter, this was the result of the “Walking for others!” campaign that the school organized for the 15th time this year on the 10th of February. Pupils, family and sympathizers were able to take one of the hikes together that day and there was also a delicious dessert buffet. With the proceeds of this wonderful day, the school decided this year to support the Añañau project. A big compliment to all pupils and teachers for their enthusiasm and commitment and many thanks to everyone who contributed to this great initiative!


Anniversary Groot Genker Orchestra

Already 15 years GGO! On Saturday 25 May the Groot Genker Orchestra celebrated its 15th birthday. They celebrated this with an anniversary concert with guest appearances by Karen Verresen (vocals) and Carlo Nardozza (trumpet). They donated part of the proceeds of the concert to Añañau and want to give this way the project of Añañau a boost. Congratulations to all musicians for this beautiful concert and a big thank you to everyone for this beautiful gesture! And may the incredible Groot Genker Orchestra exist many more years!



North-South Council city of Genk is thinking about the future

On Sunday June 16, the various members of the North-South Council of the city of Genk met to reflect on the future together. With about 30 responsible for the Genk associations active for a project in the South, they gathered in the Heempark to think about the priorities they want to give to the policy and the actions they want to take. The North-South Council approved a memorandum in the spring of 2018 in preparation for the municipal elections. Now the council refined this memorandum and distilled some actions from it. For example, there is a proposal to work on a pathway around sustainability that can be fitted into secondary school education with a game case. The council also wants to contribute to the elimination of prejudices. The actions all fall within the so-called SDGs, the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. The priorities and the proposed actions will be communicated to the city council at the end of this year in the hope that they will form part of the 2020-2024 urban policy plan that will be submitted to the city council in October.

(Text written by Jef Gabriëls for the newspaper Het Belang van Limburg)


European conference “Citizens’ initiatives for international solidarity”

On 20 and 21 June, the 4th pillar focal point of 11.11.11 organized a European conference in Brussels on the role of “citizens’ initiatives
for international solidarity” in various European countries.

120 participants from 14 countries shared experiences about how 4th Pillars can also be “change makers” for the SDGs: through the projects they set up in the South and by getting citizens moving in their own country. Añañau also participated in the conference and attended various interesting workshops and debates.

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Volunteers and trainees come and go

During the past few months, several enthusiastic volunteers and trainees also participated in the project!

Erin and Louise

Trainees Erin Van den Berg and Louise Van Rossum are two students from Artesis University College Antwerp. They completed their occupational therapy training this school year. Both got to work specifically with two children who are struggling with learning difficulties and need intensive therapy. They did this through various interactive activities and exercises that stimulate their development, increase their independence and help them to improve these difficulties. In addition, they mainly worked with the youngest children in the project and they worked out various interactive activities and materials with class dol Pepe (Jules) and which facilitate the learning process.


Jo and Michelle

Jo Pluymers and Michelle Mondelaers are a couple from Limburg, Belgium. Jo studies at the PXL University of Applied Sciences and completed his social work training this year. In recent months, he did an internship in Añañau in the context of his training and continued to work on the theme of children’s rights. He also worked out his bachelor’s thesis on this through qualitative research.

Michelle already graduated as an occupational therapist. She decided to join Jo and volunteer in the project. Michelle also worked with the oldest children and guided them with great enthusiasm! Together they really enjoyed their time in the project and in Peru and they gained lot’s of experiences to enter the professional field.



Mieke Van Poelvoorde is in the final year of her nutrition and diet training at Vives University in Bruges. Mieke also did her graduate internship during the past months in the project in succession to two nutrition and diet students who came to do their internship last year. As you could already read, Mieke started working on healthy food and hygiene and worked out various educational activities for the children, as well as for the mothers.

Marthe en Tibeau

Marthe and Tibeau, both occupational therapy students at the Thomas More university in Geel, joined us in the project from March. Just like previous occupational therapy students, they started to work individually with a few children by offering individual guidance and extra stimulation of skills, functions and development. For example, they often worked 1 on 1 with these children and other creative and motivational learning tools were used, such as the tablet. In addition, they also each worked out a project around talents. Tibeau did this for the older children through a nice personal I-book with activities and Marthe worked out a method based on the talent archipelago for the little ones.

We are very happy with all the help of these volunteers and students in the project and the activities or materials they worked out! This not only benefits the children and the family, but also the permanent teachers and educators of the project got to know new educational/didactic materials, activities or methods.

Is volunteering or an internship abroad in Peru really something for you? Then you are the person we’re looking for!
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