Facing COVID-19 together

Thanks to all the support, we have now been able to hand over the first food packages. The families were very happy and grateful for this warm support. For each family, a beautiful package was composed of basic foods such as various packs of rice, pasta, oatmeal, lentils, oil, milk, canned tuna, biscuits and antibacterial […]


Together we can do great things!

As you could read in our previous news message, we have been in social quarantine here in Peru for more than a month now. This situation affects many people, but of course it affects the most disadvantaged the hardest. For the families of the project, this quarantine will bring even more difficult times, because the […]


Lockdown in Peru

With this news message from Cusco, Peru, we would like to let you know how we are doing, how the situation is in Cusco and how the organisation is dealing with Covid-19. Here in Peru we have been in social quarantine for more than three weeks now, since March 15 there is a complete lockdown. […]