Students’ Day in Peru

On Wednesday 23th of September we celebrated Día del Estudiante in Peru! We wanted to say very well done to all our students and students all over the world! To all these bright and motivated kids, adolescents and adults that are doing all their best every day to study, to learn, develop new skills and grow as a person and that sometimes even in the most difficult situations find a way to dedicate themselves. We are so proud of you! May you always remain that creative, courageous and hardworking!

Here in Cusco the lockdown still continues. That’s why we decided to celebrate and surprise the children in another way introducing to them the fun interactive shows with English classes from our new collaborators from Revlan Peru as it is impossible to meet and celebrate at the project center or to visit them. This way they can keep on practising and enjoy at home!

On the other hand we find it important to keep on raising attention for SDG #4 that aims to obtain quality education for everyone.

Even before Covid-19, we faced a learning crisis. More than half of all 10-year-olds in low- to middle-income countries couldn’t read a simple story. Covid-19 school closures have deepened this learning crisis by cutting off access to teaching, learning materials and the internet for the most vulnerable children. To prevent a whole generation of children from becoming the hidden victims of Covid-19, we must call on governments to protect and increase education budgets, and make sure funding is targeted towards the most marginalized.

Education should not wait. Education must prepare children and young people for the world of today and tomorrow.

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