Meet Nieves and Griela!

We would like to introduce you our two new teachers Nieves and Griela at the project of San Jeronimo! Both graduated as teachers from the local university in Cusco and joined the Añañau team with great enthusiasm. Griela and Nieves work at a local school in Cusco in the morning and in the afternoon they assist the children of pre-primary and primary education in their learning process and guide them on the project. 

For Nieves studying to be a teacher was a challenge in her life. Being a teacher is one of the ways in which she can interact with the children and make that they have the best moments of their lives. When they enter the classroom they can forget all their problems and that those little hours that we share in the classroom are joyful as well. For Nieves being a teacher is preparing the children for life and that they are not children with closed thoughts of learning, that they are active children with the desire to want to stay in the classroom. 
Nieves says: “I feel proud and happy to be part of the Añañau family. Every day new experiences are lived and the most comforting thing in the children is their dedication and the desire to study and improve. Success is the sum of small efforts day after day!” 

For Griela being a teacher is the opportunity to relive school with the eyes of an adult surrounded by little boys and girls. It is listening to the students, getting excited about their new learnings, believing in their processes and abilities, knowing that they are different, unique and special. “I feel very happy to be part of this project, a great family, sharing day by day with the boys and girls and listen to their occurrences that always steal a smile from you.” 

Welcome Nieves and Griela, it’s great to have you both on the team! 

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