The environmental brigade continues in Huancaro

At the school in Huancaro we continued with great enthusiasm with the activities of the environmental brigade during the month of July. They are responsible for helping to make the school’s pupils aware that a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the environment are extremely important. Establishing good habits from a young age helps change children’s futures and healthy habits as part of our daily lives are the perfect way to start the day. That is why our environmental brigade has thought about teaching the children at the school how to wash their hands properly and has developed a fun workshop for this. Every student who participated also received a beautiful certificate afterwards.

Climate change has drastic consequences for the temperature and the filtering of UV rays. As part of the project ‘Taking care of our Environment for a better world’, our environmental brigade continuously promotes healthy living habits. Drinking water every day has many health benefits, and skin care with sunscreen will help counter these effects of climate change. During a subsequent workshop, the importance of clean, drinkable water and how to protect oneself from the sun were discussed. The city of Cusco is located at an altitude of about 3400 meters in the Andes Mountains, so the sun burns hard. From now on, students will always be able to apply protective sunscreen during the physical education classes that take place outside on the playground and drink sufficient, clean drinking water.

Fantastic work again from the environmental brigade with all these wonderful awareness-raising activities!
“Añañau working together for a better world”

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