Parent meeting

In November we held the monthly parent meeting again. At meetings, all sorts of important things are discussed with all parents in connection with the activities of the project operation and the development of the children. Then the parents can individually talk about their child.

At every parent meeting the new volunteers, students or team members briefly introduce themselves. Then the parents introduce themselves and tell us who their son or daughter is.

First of all, we started by explaining the holiday program. The school year is almost over, but the project will continue on January 7 in the summer holidays. During the holiday, no homework needs to be done and we can organize more specific activities to keep up with the children’s backlogs. There are also many fun and relaxing educational activities such as English lessons and chess. Of course, it is important to know if there are children who go on family visits with their family in a village from where they originate. If that is the case, we give them a booklet with extra exercises so that they can continue practicing.

The results for medical research are also available. Because of the previous studies and treatments and the diet with the daily meal, these were generally very positive. After the meeting, Tía Sadith discussed all the results individually with the parents.

Finally, Lizveth’s dad told of his experience about their studying daughter at home. Lizveth is one of the oldest children of the project and with the support of Añañau she will do her entrance exam to go to the university. He said that Lizveth is working hard and is studying a lot. All parents are very enthusiastic about this.

To end the year in a fun way, we will soon organize a Christmas party with all families. You can read more about this in a following message!

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