Training social and communication skills

From September to the end of November we received two trainees in orthopedagogics in the project who have been working with the group of the little ones on their social-emotional and communication skills. Due to the very closed culture of the children, the children come from very traditional Quechua families from the Andes mountains, and the often harsch situations they live in, it is very difficult for them to express themselves well, to deal with certain situations or to indicate how they are feeling.

During the weekly talk and do moments around the talk tree, Febe and Silke introduced all kinds of interactive and creative activities and by using different materials, methods and situation cards, the children practiced on expressing their emotions, but they also have been learning about the feelings and a better understanding of others. The students then also introduced a wonderful method that works with animals and specially typical animals from Peru, since this appeals to the children very much. Through the characters and characteristics of the animals they can also empathize better with others or certain situations. In this way we want to strengthen the children in their social skills, their communication and relationships with others, and to stimulate their active participation.

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