Medical campaign 2019

Like every year, before the end of the year, Añañau conducts a health campaign for all children in the project in collaboration with the hospital SOS Clinic Cusco.

On the 19th of December we organized this yearly health campaign and with a 100% presence of all children, accompanied by their parents, we went to the hospital that day. The children went through a general medical screening, a dental check-up, they were weighed and measured to monitor their growth and development, and a sample was taken of the blood. A blood test is needed to rule out anemia, and a parasitological test was done. The parents also participated so that they could talk to the doctors, ask questions, and raise concerns about their children’s health. Based on the results, the necessary treatments will be provided and we will follow up these children further. We will also continue to work with the families through educational workshops and information sessions on health, healthy food and hygiene. We believe as an organization that these types of activities are very important because they promote attitudes of respect and responsibility for one’s own health, within the family and the community and because good health is the foundation of everything.

Many thanks to Dr. Grover and his medical team at the hospital for supporting and enabling this campaign.

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