A friendly confinement

Since last Wednesday, July 1, the lockdown finally has been suspended in different parts of Peru and luckily in Cusco as well as the numbers are improving very slowly and it’s getting necessary to resume economic avtivities. For now, the government still didn´t give green light for the schools to reopen yet and at the project therefore as well we still keep looking forward anxiously to start our activities with the children again.

These last three months have been difficult for the children, where each of them has had very important changes in their daily life, adapting to the measures of social distancing and quarantine and thus revealing the inequality of each one of the families to face the consequences of Covid-19.

Faced with this unprecedented reality, the Añañau team carried out various actions for the children and adolescents with the objective of spending a ‘friendlier’ and more pleasant confinement. With the food parcels we distributed for the families they received several times as well a nice educational bundle that we had worked out for the children according to the different ages with fun exercises and relaxing learning activites, together with a colorful package with (crafts) materials to work with at home. Giving them the necessary material to generate artistic activities at home, fun games, crafts, painting and reading, activities that help grow their self-esteem and self-confidence and that help reduce stress and psychological consequences. We wanted to make it possible this way to spent this difficult period of the lockdown in a whole better, nicer and fun way!

Here are the beautiful results and the works that the children made at home with a lot of heart and enthousiasm!

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