Great news from the North!

Support from Rotary Genk Staelen

To support and insure this working year and the continuation of the project work of Añañau, we were also able to count on the support of Rotary club Genk Staelen in May. The messages that came from Peru continue to affect the club members and they therefore decided to make a wonderful financial contribution for this year to support the project, building a better future for the children and their families. Thank you very much for this beautiful gesture on behalf of all of us and all children and families involved! Your support really helps to make a difference!

Go Strange Level Up – the event for young people with plans to travel abroad

Because they believe the future is digital and due to the circumstances of Covid-19, the biennial Go Strange fair will be an online and offline event this year! From Monday 19 to Friday 23 October 2020, you will be able to discover foreign opportunities online for a whole week: a lot of inspiration and information will come to you via webinars, chat sessions and much more. Do you prefer real-life info? On Wednesday 21 October, you will be able to chat face-to-face in Hall 5 in Leuven (Belgium) with other young lovers of foreign countries and with Go Strange experts who will help you on your way.

Are you interested in traveling to Peru? Do you want to volunteer or do an internship at the project? Then take part in the event! With Añañau we will also be available to answer all your questions and provide you with a lot of practical information!

See you there!

More info via and also follow the messages via our facebook page!

60% tax reduction in 2020 because of Covid-19 (only Belgium)

On June 12, the Belgian government decided to raise the tax reduction from 45% to 60% for donations paid to a recognized organization in the course of 2020. In this way, the government wants to stimulate generosity and give the support to civil society organizations a significant boost in the context of Covid-19 support measures.

Anyone who makes a tax-deductible donation to a recognized organization or non-profit association in the course of 2020 can count on a tax discount of 60% instead of 45% (from min. 40 euros on an annual basis). So: if you donate € 100 to the project, you will recuperate € 60 of this through your 2021 tax return.

This is also the case for a donation to Añañau (vzw Qué bonito!). If you would like a tax certificate, make a donation through Teachers without Borders and enjoy the tax reduction of 60%. So for a gift of 100 euros you actually only pay 40 euros! However, do not forget to make the correct statement so that the gift will certainly reach Añañau.

You can donate via:
IBAN BE48 5230 8027 2427 / BIC TRIOBEBB
Teachers without Borders vzw, Jan de Graefstraat 7, 2600 Berchem
stating: “gift to LzG: project Añañau”

Volunteers and students come and go

Due to the circumstances of Covid-19, since April until now, and probably for quite some more time, Añañau as an organization will not be able to count on the support of new volunteers or students who come to help in the project here in Peru. This support means a lot to us and the children.

This is why Añañau launches a new form of sustainable and responsible volunteering, the ONLINE VOLUNTEERING program! Online volunteering offers many opportunities to contribute to the project remotely, sharing your experiences, knowledge or interests and all this… from your living room, from your home, wherever you are!

You will be part of a sustainable impact for the local community and the children we work with and together with the Añañau team contribute to a long-term positive change!

Are you interested?
For more inforamtion about the possibilities you can contact us at!

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