Meet Janette and Veronica!

We would like to introduce you our two new teachers Janette and Veronica! Both graduated as teachers from the local university in Cusco and joined the Añañau team with great enthusiasm. Janette and Veronica will assist the children of pre-primary and primary education in their learning process and guide them on the project. This alternately in San Jeronimo and in Huancaro. Welcome Veronica and Janette, it’s great to have you both on the team!

On July 6, we also celebrated Teacher’s Day in Peru and put all teachers in the spotlight! It is thanks to their endless effort and dedication that children all over the world can learn and grow even under the most difficult circumstances such as the past year.

It is the teacher who is essential to the process of personal growth. He provides support and guidance and helps his students to discover their interests and talents and to make choices. He challenges his students and encourages them to discover new things. This enables them to develop to their full potential. But also as a person you are the pivot in the lives of the students. A teacher inspires and broadens your view of the world.

In Añañau we think the role of the teacher is very important and how you, as a teacher, deal with the needs of the students and focus on their capacities. Not only within the team of Añañau do we attach great importance to further training and lifelong learning so that we stay up-to-date in the field of education and pedagogy, but we also ensure exchange between the local teachers with teachers from the North through sustainable partnerships and support. This allows us to share experiences and teaching methods, educational materials and innovation. Kudos and thank you to all the local teachers we work with and to teachers around the world!

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