The making of the docu ‘I speak Quechua’

Milagros Gárate Rivera is a Communication student at the National University San Antonio Abad of Cusco. During the past few months she did an internship in the project in the field of Communication for Development. Together with the children, she carried out various assignments and participatory activities for Añañau’s cultural blog. Its aim is to […]

Great news messages!

Suri, Carla and Marisabel turned 15! In August, we celebrated, according to tradition in Peru, the birthday of three of the girls who turned 15! It is so wonderful to watch the children grow up year after year and see them turn into beautiful young adolescents. For so many years, Suri, Marisabel and Carla have […]

A cheerful Christmas celebration

With great excitement, all the children looked forward to Añañau’s big Christmas celebration! This annual tradition could now finally take place again with the whole group on the project itself. A few weeks in advance, the Christmas tree was set up together with the children and the classrooms were beautifully decorated. And when the lights […]