Inauguration primary school in Huancaro

We finally got some great news in Peru! With the start of the new school year schools are reopening again after 2 years for face-to-face education. Also the primary school in Huancaro that Añañau supports is receiving their pupils again and proudly got inaugurated on Monday the 14th of March. With the organization we are very happy and excited to be part of this again.

To enheart the school and all students Añañau donated two beautiful clean water filter tanks to the school for the children to have clean drinking water during physical education.

Although many children are returning to classes, this is not the case for everyone. Not all schools are well implemented and sufficiently equipped to organize safely face-to-face education again and a lot of children have to keep on following their classes online at home which is a great difficulty. Añañau is doing everything to keep on supporting these children as well at the project besides our after school program that continues.

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