Fortifying cooperation school Huancaro

During the months of May and June we still have been working very hard with the children on remediation to improve the delays and difficulties that they are having due to the pandemic in their educational levels. It is really going back to the import basics of the different courses and skills, certainly for mathematics and communication (language), and progressing in little steps. We are using extra educational and didactic resources for the explanation of the subject matters and practicing. For the children of primary education we have been printing out with the support of Intouch Global Foundation a lot of important work books and exercise sheets to be used for this, and besides we are using interactive learning resources, games and the computer. 
The older children as well are coming as usual every day to the project to receive support during their homework and for realizing special school assignments or group works. Here fore, they also have access to laptops in their classroom at the project. For the children that still have to follow classes online, sometimes in the mornings as well, we have facilitated that they can come as well on these moments and use the resources and infrastructure at the project. We are very happy to see that they spontaneously come for this during the week and that they show that much commitment and concern for their school work and learning process. 
At the school and second project of Huancaro we have been focusing these past months on fortifying the cooperation with the local teachers and school staff. We have been exchanging pedagogic resources and offering capacitation for the implementation of certain didactic methods. We not only work directly with the children and their families, but we also try to work with the local school and the teachers on quality of education, exchange experiences and introduce new methods and innovative didactic materials. So is at the primary school in Huancaro for example, Pepe (Pepito) the class doll being worked with enthusiastically. He is always there when something new is being learned and the kids love it when Pepito explains to them. We exchanged this method and the didactic materials with the teachers of the school who now also use Pepe in the morning during their lessons in the first and second grade. This way the children are extra motivated and the teachers themselves think it’s fantastic!

We are very happy to write as well that we are counting with several new teachers in the team of Añañau. Since April we have been able to contract the two new tutors and the teachers for English and ICT classes in Huancaro. They all are very motivated young persons that are excited to work for the project and to support the disadvantaged children. This makes it possible to offer more support even to the school of Huancaro where there were no English teacher and ICT teacher and where they are giving classes in the morning to the different grades within the curriculum of the school and the Ministry of Education. The English teacher is teaching all the basics and progressing well with this and the ICT teacher is seeing the basic computer skills with the pupils such as for example parts of Office programs and Canva. We are very looking forward to keep on working together with the teachers’ team of the school around the quality of education and inclusive education.

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