Anniversary school in Huancaro

In 2019 we began a great commitment by starting our cooperation for education in the Santiago district with our beloved school Luis Vallejos Santoni. We have been working closely with the teachers’ team on the quality of education by exchanging experiences, educational resources and workshops on new teaching methods and skills.

Up to now, we have seen many projects carried out in terms of teaching the English language, computer classes, projects on caring for the environment and the SDG’s, healthy habits, among others.

Today the school is thriving and the pupils have become active participants in their learning environment. The anniversary of the school was celebrated in a very joyful and colorful way. All the children were happy to participate showing their best talents.

We congratulate the director of the school Hilda Malpartida and her distinguished entire teaching staff on this anniversary of our beloved school and for the work they have been doing.

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