Excursion Inka museum

Thanks to the support of volunteer Ann, we have visited the beautiful Inka museum in Cusco with all the children and supervisors of the project. All the children were very enthusiastic and excited to see, for the first time, a place where the history and the culture of the Andes are still alive and to […]


Cooperation with local school

Since this year the project has been working together with the local primary school ‘Luis Vallejo Santoni 501318’ which is located in Santiago, a very disadvantaged neighborhood in Cusco. It’s a very small school, there are only 4 tiny classrooms. This means that both, the 1st and the 2nd grade as the 5th and the 6th […]


Great news from the North!

A makeover of the playground Fantastic news! Thanks to the support of many generous people who donated, we have been able to achieve the final amount of the crowdfunding and there is sufficient budget to give the whole playground of the project a makeover! In May we started with the help of interns Joy, Franne […]


Meet Luz!

Luz is 5 years old and is one of the new children who come to the project every day since this year. She is one of the youngest children in the project and sits together at the table with an age companion. A nice duo to work with, but they are distracting masters! So, every […]


Hydrotherapy in school for children with special needs

In addition to his own project work with children and families in San Jeronimo, Añañau also works together with other organizations in Cusco. Through the material help and sending volunteers we try to contribute with Añañau in the state hospital, some local schools, and other social projects. This is how Añañau also works together with […]


The discussion tree

During the spring, Joy Meesens, a student in primary education, was on graduation internship in the project. For this she already did several internships in Belgium, including in a freinet school, and concluded that the education system in Peru is very different. Unfortunately, the teaching methods in Peru are still far behind, just like the […]


Literacy program for adults

Most of the concerned parents from the local community, especially the mothers, speak Quechua and are illiterate. They never had the chance to go to school or have only been to primary school for a few years. So, they cannot read and write and therefore cannot support their children at a school level. A survey […]


Great news from the North!

Sponsor run students College Sainte-Marie Mouscron On 30 April, 400 pupils (and teachers!) From the College Sainte-Marie from Mouscron ran a sponsor run to benefit of Añañau. To prepare them, the pupils had already attended a presentation about Añañau in advance and that day they all participated in the cross with great enthusiasm and ambiance. […]


Nutrition diaries

From January, Lotte Vandenbroucke and Eva Debie, two interns in nutrition and dietetics from Vives from Bruges, were present in the project. Together they have set up a study into the dietary pattern of the children. They started with the children of primary education. Every day a food diary was filled in together with them […]