Great news from the North!

Fundraiser Chiro Oud-Heverlee On Sunday, November 19, the youth movement Chiro Oud-Heverlee, on the initiative of Taiki Dewel, went out with all members to sell beautiful calendars and tasty chocolates for the benefit of Añañau’s projects in Peru. They all did this with great conviction and have such a warm heart for the project. With […]

Great news messages!

Suri, Carla and Marisabel turned 15! In August, we celebrated, according to tradition in Peru, the birthday of three of the girls who turned 15! It is so wonderful to watch the children grow up year after year and see them turn into beautiful young adolescents. For so many years, Suri, Marisabel and Carla have […]

Laptops for Añañau!

On the 11th of September we had the honour to receive Tony Selvaggio from eSmart Recycling and Omar Díaz from Guruexplorers at the project together with a group of young travelers via State of Unity bringing us a wonderful surprise. Tony and Omar had been setting up this amazing collaboration in the search of a […]


Great news from the North!

Music@theCasino benefit event of vzw Qué bonito! On Saturday, November 17, the beautiful charity party of the non-profit organization Qué bonito took place in the Casino Modern in Genk to support the project operation of Añañau in Peru. This wonderful musical event was made possible by the enthusiastic cooperation of many friends and family and […]

Great news from the North!

Support sailing club ‘Sweet Valley Sailors’ The ‘Sweet Valley Sailors’ are a number of members of the sailing club VVW Zutendaal who take initiatives several times a year to support some good causes. They organize a beach lounge in the summer for companies with snacks and drinks, they hold a spaghetti day in their clubhouse […]